If you thought this was about choosing between violence or peace, then you may want to click out! However, inhale and exhale before doing so. This is all about hair and how to maintain the quality of those long-lasting beautiful hair extensions! Sometimes it is so easy to get our hair installed, remove it, and just throw it in a bag to save for the next hair appointment. But that is a BIG NO, NO! Even the most expensive, most beautiful, most valuable product can get worn out if not treated properly. Side note: different textures require different care! 


Always wash your hair extensions prior to installation. This will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the bundles. Also, make sure you are using sulfate-free shampoo to achieve the best results! 


Use the over and out method when installing your hair. This is not required; however, you may seal your wefts to minimize shedding, but ensure you use a high-quality weft sealant and only cut your wefts when absolutely necessary! 

Everyday Maintenance for STRAIGHT AND BODY WAVE

Always brush or comb through the hair to style. Avoid excessive heat and heavy oils because it weighs the hair down. When the hair begins to have buildup (on the scalp) from excessive use and products, it is time for a shampoo or co-wash (conditioner wash). Remember to use sulfate-free shampoo! It is recommended to co-wash bi-weekly for the best results. 

Everyday Maintenance for DEEP WAVE AND CURLY

Condition frequently! We cannot stress this enough! It is easy for these textures to become frizzy and dry-looking if not taken care of. If you do not like a lot of maintenance, then these textures are not for you! Deep wave requires less maintenance than curly; however, it still must be treated with extra care. After washing, scrunch the hair gently to enhance the curls, then let the hair air dry. Avoid creamy or cream-based moisturizers that can cause the hair to become tangled. Also, to maintain the texture of your extensions, avoid excessive chemical processing, heat, and straightening. 


If your hair has been professionally installed, consult with your stylist before doing the following. For all hair textures, we recommend applying a satin scarf or bonnet to reduce frizz and flyaways. For deep wave and curly textures, put the hair into a high ponytail or roll into a bun to enhance the wave pattern. The "pineapple method" (creating a loose and high ponytail on top of your head with a scarf or band) is recommended for curly textures. 


Hair is an investment, and we value every purchase, so please, please, please take care of your Peace of Fine extensions. You will be glad you did! 

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