Have you ever tried on an outfit and completely HATED IT? Maybe your hair wasn’t groomed well enough or you thought your hairstyle would work but once you put everything together it was a FAIL. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! That's because YOUR HAIRSTYLE MATTERS! We have all fallen victim to this and it’s okay. Today, we’re going to help you make better hair decisions, so you don’t ruin a look because of a simple mistake!


One mistake people often make is they believe long hairstyles or sleek ponytails go with everything. I’m here to tell you that is FALSE. Safe hairstyles are not always the safest! It is okay to switch it up for the occasion.


Over-the-top outfits do not always require simple hairstyles. Sure, you don’t want to overdo it, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to add some spice! Pull it in a bun, add a swoop bang, or maybe try one of my favorite hairstyles: the up-down. Up-downs are the perfect balance to almost any outfit because they are classic, stylish, yet also casual.


Another misconception: off-the-shoulder outfits do not always require long hair! Pull it up or back to show that beautiful neckline. If that's too boring for you, add a statement piece to the look. Or if you’re feeling grown and sexy, a heavy side bang bob will add that perfect amount of flare. However, if you insist on wearing long or shoulder length hair, try our Mink Brazilian Body Wave, which you’ll never go wrong with since it's extremely versatile.


High neck outfits will require shorter, OFF THE NECK hairstyles the majority of the time. THAT’S LAW! Wear that turtleneck, but, girl, please do not get that bone straight middle part. Instead, try a sleek, all even bob, or a funky short cut for my Fine Girls who like to keep it short and sweet.



Now, while we are 100 percent sure this blog post can help you with your hairstyle choice, you might still have some questions. Before you go running to your friends online asking for their opinions, shoot us a quick email with the subject line, “Help a Fine Girl Out!” Include a clear picture of your outfit and one of our hair gurus/fashion experts will be of assistance!

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